NIMAR Drops Honest & Introspective '100 Confessions'


Based in Southern California's Inland Empire, independent hip-hop artist NIMAR delivers an honest and authentic forthcoming single release with ‘100 Confessions.’

Immersed in Lebanese and Mexican culture through his upbringing and heritage, NIMAR's music utilises a wide range of diverse influences that allows him to create a sound that is unique, dynamic, and unforgettable.

‘100 Confessions’ blends hip-hop and R&B together with introspective lyrics that are sung in both English and Spanish. A heavy sound and dark tone are complemented by soft steel drums, further emphasising the complexity of NIMAR’s emotions towards his hometown.

Masterfully produced and engineered by renowned producers Jikay and Milan, ‘100 Confessions’ powerfully captures the crisp vibes that iconically exist in Southern California's Inland Empire. 

NIMAR has an amalgamation of cultures and cities on his plate, and he uses this unique perspective to create work that leaves a memorable impression. Rapping and singing about the complexities of love, making desires become realities, and the feeling of being an outsider in Southern California, NIMAR is an artist who is able to grapple with both lighthearted and heavy concepts. This ability to cover a wide range of topics, coupled with blending in bits of his culture into his music sets NIMAR apart from other artists and brings something refreshing to the music industry.

Margaret TraNimar, Hip hop, RNB