Nolan The Ninja Releases a Double Beat Tape CRUD / $UD$


It’s more than likely you’ve come to know Nolan The Ninja as the sharper-than-a-sword lyricist from Detroit. Not only is Nolan an MC with one of most the recognisable cadences, he’s also a producer with all types of beats on deck.

Nolan’s latest release, 'CRUD / $UD$', are two instrumental projects loaded with vibes. With 50 cuts in total—25 on each—Nolan has compiled an extensive set of tracks showing where he came from as a producer as well as where he’s going.

The aptly named CRUD is packed full of flips and re-imagined beats and rhymes prevalent in the 90s. The album is grimy and recalls some of the best cold-weather golden era moments. Think Big L, Wu-Tang, and Nas. If you’ve heard Nolan’s past beat-tapes—2015’s lo-fi l∞ps. and 2017’s lo-fi flips.—this will sound familiar. CRUD pays homage to what many consider the best moment in hip hop. It’s also representative of Nolan’s work as a producer over the last five years.

$UD$ on the other hand presents the future of Nolan’s production. The beats still bang with the authoritative punch of boom bap, but $UD$ is a cleaner, more precise sounding record. With help from Amaire Johnson (Big Sean, Nipsey Hussle, etc.), Jake Bowman (Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar, etc.) & more, it’s clear Nolan is ready to branch out.

The one thing you won’t hear on CRUD / $UD$ is Nolan The Ninja’s signature flow. Instead, Nolan’s deep respect for 90's culture and early 2000's club bangers are felt throughout the projects. With 50 tracks, or vibes, in total, CRUD / $UD$ shows the growth of an artist who knows where he came from and is ready to take the next step as a producer.