Premiere: Owais Spreads Positivity On New Single 'Believe' Feat KUDZAI


Hailing from Melbourne, emerging rapper Owais has dropped a fresh new single that spreads positivity dubbed ‘Believe’ featuring KUDZAI.

The smooth, feel-good single is a turning point for the rapper, having previously used his music to express his sad/angry emotions and frustrations, ‘Believe’ has put him in a better light showcasing his versatility.

On the single Owais said, “When I wrote this I was feeling fantastic and knew I had to write a song with a positive message,”

“This song was a turning point in how i approach songs - these days i try not to write if im feeling negative, i literally wait for a good day and write on my good days,”

Owais' sound is inspired by the consciousness of Tupac, the lyricism of artists such as Vinnie Paz, Eminem & Lupe Fiasco, mixed with the flows of Blu, J. Cole and Drake.

Owais' debut mixtape is now streaming on all major platforms with some releases set for early 2019.

Margaret TraOwais, Rap, Hip hop, Kudzai