UK rapper Parallax drops debut LP 'Auditory Vision'


UK rapper Parallax drops his debut LP ‘Auditory Vision’ which features Dilated Peoples, Phoenix Da Icefire, C.A.M and many more.

Many years in the making this project resonates integrity through the advanced lyricism and hard hitting production from both Parallax and range of others.

A high energy sonic journey painted with vivid penmanship on social commentary and personal struggles, Parallax tells relatable tails from life in London over a landscape of both hard hitting and laid back production. 

Featuring Dilated Peoples, Phoenix Da Icefire, C.A.M & production by DJ Nappa, Ded Tebiase, Roeg Du Casq, BBZ Darney & more.

Parallax focuses on hard hitting hip hop with soul and substance. He has worked with the likes of Rakaa Iriscience from Dilated peoples on his forthcoming LP. Previously he has had co-signs from legends like Raekwon, Mr Scruff, Atmosphere, Lewis parker and many more as well as selling physical copies of his debut EP “Depth Perception' in twelve countries, which came out in 2014.

Recently he was chosen as unsigned pick of the week by Shade 45's very own The Heavy hitters show. 

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