Brooklyn's Phony Ppl Debut Gorgeously Psychedelic Tune 'Way Too Far'

Photo Credit: Ryan Jay

Photo Credit: Ryan Jay

Brooklyn-based quintet Phony Ppl have shared their ethereal new song, "Way Too Far" and announced details of their forthcoming album, mō’zā-ik, due October 19.

Blending soul, funk, R&B and more, Phony Ppl continue to flex their musical prowess by refusing to be limited to just one genre on the track which was self-produced and mixed by GRAMMY Award winner Qmillion.

Explaining the track, frontman Elbee Thrie noted, "this sonG captures that eureka moment: realizinG that you’ve been goinG way over the top for a while now just to make sure somebody else remains content.. and sustaininG that feelinG for them is draininG the life out of you. you may not know what it is yet, but somethinG’s definitely Gotta chanGe."

Margaret Tra