Photograph Your Aura release a jazzy new joint 'Drift'

Dialect_Fazz (66 of 117).jpg

The debut single “Drift”  from Adelaide Hip Hop duo Photograph Your Aura is an up tempo jam culminating a jazz fusion flavour with footwork style drum patterns blended by producer Alnitak Kid and respected rapper Dialect.  

The single is accompanied by a video to communicate the emotion of drifting through life and love in spaces limited by words, PYA navigate deep into the waters of intuition or a type of knowing only compounded by the experiences of life, well crafted in creative expression.

Photograph Your Aura  explores the nature of the soul and human intention through the abstract, at times unpredictable jazzy & psychedelic soundscapes which are both as serious as they are playful and irreverent throughout their works. 

INSTAGRAM: @bleuavian
FACEBOOK: bleuavian