Ramz Releases Blockbuster EP & 'Don't You Play With Me' ft. LD


Ramz has released his ‘Blockbuster’ EP and new single, ‘Don’t You Play With me’ ft. LD via Polydor Records. 

‘Blockbuster’ EP marks the first release of a body of work from the record-breaking British artist, Ramz. It sees him collaborate with a variety of producers ranging from Banx and Ranx (Sean Paul, Lady Leshurr, Dua Lipa) to Raogart (B Young) and Crumz, and features guest artist, LD. Highlights on the EP include the Certified Platinum ‘Barking’, the Certified Silver ‘Family Tree' and the recently released ‘Hold You Down’,alongside brand new single ‘Don’t You Play With Me’.

Drawing on a broad spectrum of musical influences and featuring a variety of carefully selected guest artists, the Blockbuster EP documents Ramz’s journey to date, while showcasing his versatility as an artist.  “The word ‘Block’ refers to where I’ve come from, while ‘Buster’ is a nod to the fact I’ve done so many things I thought I’d only dream of doing.” Says Ramz.

“My life felt like a movie in 2018… I couldn’t even begin to put it all into words, until now. I’m from Mitcham, a little talked about South London suburb, and I know I wasn’t doing this just for myself, but also for people like me, from my hometown.”