NZ Hip Hop Outfit Raw Collective tackles mental health with their single ‘Pictures’ Feat Dharmarat


New Zealand outfit Raw collective has released captivating visuals for their single ‘Pictures’ which tackles mental health. 

The single takes you on a journey through the mind, it puts you on cruise control, but the 6/8 drum beat drives fast, with a stand out performance from ‘Blain Fitzpatrick’ on the bass guitar, playing a bass-line that we’ve never heard in hip-hop, a bass-line that can only come from another genre or influence.

On the single lead artist Raw Deezy said, “We wanted to write a track dedicated to anyone else who is suffering from all forms of mental illness,”

“A song that would inspire people with similar experiences, a reminder that you’re not suffering alone, and to let others know that this exists and it affects more people than we think,”

The song is an endeavour that never stops, with instrumental parts, suggesting a slow climb, leading up to a manic pre chorus, “Water is rising,” and then a huge release into the chorus to calm things down, it’s certainly a journey song, the instruments are filled with emotion and the mood suits the topic of battling mental health.

The second verse features MC ‘Dharmarat’ from Auckland, NZ, bringing a completely different style into the mix, powerful, rhythmic flow, once again making this song more eclectic. 

The video version instead, features an epic solo on the flugal horn by Ben Hunt, their freshly released album ‘For The Ancients’ has both versions.

Vocalist Moira Jean takes the main spotlight on this track, with her heartfelt, gentle voice “Paint pictures, fixtures on the wall, painted with, colours of all you are.”

Raw adds, “This chorus means, we are influenced by the life we live, the memories we make, they become pictures on the wall, starring at us every day, so it’s best to fill your room with the pictures that are the most inspiring, that bring the best out of you,” 

The single ‘Pictures’ is the second release off their album ‘For The Ancients,’ with their first release ‘Waterproof Coat’ garnering love from blogs and tastemakers worldwide. Radio stations such as Triple J, RBI Radio and Radioactive.FM also giving the single a spin.

Raw Collective takes inspiration from many genres and influences and distils it into an honest, original raucous energy that speaks to all generations and walks of life through music that sings to the soul, causes the head to nod and encourages the feet to move in rhythmic fashion. 

The 12-piece collective was formed in 2014 with their debut single ‘Coins [Memories] became single of the year on Since then the band have followed up with three pre-album singles and have hit the road performing at festivals such as: HOMEGROWN, Coastella, Tora Tora, Twisted Frequency, CUBADUPA and Newtown Festival. 




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