East London duo RDX Releases A Grime Classic 'Think Twice'

RDX Press 1.JPG

East London duo RDX burst on to the scene with their latest project ‘Think Twice’, an instant grime classic.

Comprising of brothers’ RD and Mr. X, RDX push the genre’s boundaries and triumph in achieving a fresh grime sound, directly out of London. After time spent perfecting their craft, RDX’s new album comes at exactly the right time for the festival season.

The album is a refreshing look into the current thriving London music scene, with RDX clearly occupying their own space within the plethora of other rappers and musicians currently emerging.

The emotion and feel of the project is held firmly together by the shared experiences of both artists, their bond made obvious in tracks such as ‘Bro Flow’. This intrinsic connection allows for a healthy stream of shared inspiration to flourish, in turn providing them with the tools to take the already well-established grime sound and give it a new lease of life. The lead single ‘Same Difference’, confirms RDX aren’t playing games. Ploughing its way into your brain with its fast-paced beat, the track represents something inspired by the past yet injected with a new, energised lease of life.