Alt-Soul RKCB Release 'Alone With You Pt. 2


Soulful LA-based, dream-pop duo RKCB end their relatively quiet 2018 with their first new single of the year called 'Alone With You Pt. 2’.

'Alone With You Pt. 2' is the second instalment to the song and video for 'Alone, With You' that was released last year and covered the arc of a relationship throughout three songs. 'Alone With You Pt. 2' revisits that relationship, this time from the new perspectives of RKCB’s own Riley Knapp and Casey Barth.
The band explain, "The cloud and oxygen mask imagery represents the quite literal "breath of fresh air" the song expresses in each chorus. We are brought to life when with our partners, we are able to see more clearly; and without them, we feel disoriented and disconnected. The song and video also represent an ever-changing idea of someone, but being connected to them is vital.” 

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