Alt Rapper Roy Watson Releases Music Video “It’ll Be Okay”


Following the release of his newest single “It’ll Be Okay,” Bronx Native recording artist Roy Watson has released his newest music video directed by Nick Von Gremp.

“It’ll Be Okay” delivers a smooth flow with dynamic lyrics behind a feel-good beat and a music video that reflects this. Roy used his creative genius to express himself in his new music video with his captivating imagery as he leaves the viewers questioning reality. This high quality video is filled with symbolism as the viewer is left wondering if he imagined himself in a hospital or was he actually admitted into a hospital.

Roy Watson is influenced by art, 90’s rap and inner city culture, which shines through strongly in his music. His hardcore lyricism mixed with up-lifting beats and dark vibes gives him a refreshing sound, which sets him apart from popular rappers today and proves he is a hip-hop talent to be noticed.