Nigerian Soundgod RunTown teams up with Fekky for brand new single ‘Unleash’


Nigerian Soundgod RunTown has teamed up with Fekky for brand new single ‘Unleash’.

The record is the first release from the chart-topping star in 2018. Sonically down tempo and soulful, the track is driven by RunTown’s timeless standout sound that has made him one of Africa’s biggest musical exports in recent years.

Built on percussion and pronunciation‘Unleash’ has the sound of Africa at its heart with an irresistible pop bounce running alongside it, courtesy of frequent collaborator and producer Del B. The addition of UK rapper Fekky adds yet another layer to the single, and whilst usually known for his gritty and fiercer bars and delivery, his softer sound resonates for this latest collaboration as he flirts with melodies and singing alongside his laid back rap. 

Capturing the essence of the track through red-tinted visuals, director Isaac Yowman’s brings clarity and depth, adding to the sensuous feeling of this latest hit. Featuring models Shaun Ross and Adonis Bosso, the back lit scenes and slow motion effects all catch a series of intimate moments portrayed in the storyline, intermingled with performance scenes from the two stars.