SckSolo Releases New Anthem 'Eye For An Eye'


Las Vegas raised rapper/producer Solomon Cornelius King, a.k.a. SckSolo releases his new track ‘Eye For An Eye,’ a catchy anthem addressing fake friends and backstabbers.

The single is a new anthem for those tired of being pushovers. In ‘Eye For An Eye,’ SckSolo confronts those that have wronged him on his journey to becoming an artist. Having been wronged in the past, SckSolo is done forgiving fraudulent supporters and expresses this in his new anthem. In the track, he pushes listeners to stop being vulnerable and hold people accountable for their actions. With a more melodic flow than usual and singing, SckSolo portrays his passion and pain suffered.

SckSolo’s music is a blend of the new era melodic rap, as well as old school lyricism. With energising 808s accompanied by uplifting synths, the music behind his vocals creates the right mood to inspire listeners. His lyrical verses followed by a passionately sung chorus combine to make the perfect anthem for those who have had enough.