Perth Emcee Smiley Drops New Album 'Stick Up Kids'


Hailing from Perth, Smiley drops new album ‘Stick Up Kids’ and new single 'War Games' feat. Sophie Jane.

The Perth emcee has always let his music do the talking; communicating in crystal clear, brutally honest terms. From his philosophies to his politics – from how he feels about cops, to how he feels about the community – it's all there.

Following on from a world first collaboration between an Australian hip hop artist and Canada's legendary Swollen Members with first taster Looking Glass, Smiley has dropped new single War Games from his just released album Stick Up Kids.

Flaunting another exciting collaboration, War Games is a deliberate change of course – backing off the throttle and injecting danceable pop hooks, courtesy of Perth luminary Sophie Jane. Smiley says of the track "War Games is a personal but relatable tale of a turbulent young relationship struggling with insecurities, commitment and trust."