Indian Rapper Taizu Drops His Debut Single ‘Practice’


Indian rapper, Taizu is releasing his debut single ‘Practice’ off his debut studio album ‘ZU.’

‘Practice’ platforms the authentic wordplay behind the raspy yet articulate tone of Taizu. Taizu is greatly inspired by the decade he devoted to finding his forte and voice during the composition of the single.

Exerting himself into implementing creativity, raw emotions and poetry in his true form of hip hop, the ingenious rapper ushers in a new era of intelligence in hip hop. With witty bars, catchy horns, wavy flows and crisp vocals, ‘Practice’ elevates a distinct sound that is seamlessly recognised as Taizu and emphasises a dynamic melody that is produced by Rishi Rex.

Alongside, ‘ZU’ being short for Taizu, the rapper highlights the theme of his new album: “This world is a zoo. We are the animals. Everyone has a cage. Everyone has a story. In order to navigate safely through the zoo, one must understand the nature of each beast. The zoo is what connects the animals and separates them...” ‘ZU’ is releasing in the summer of 2019.

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