Lyrical Queen T BARZ Releases Her Debut Album 'GENESIS'


Lyrical queen T BARZ’s has released her highly anticipated debut album ‘Genesis’.

T BARZ has been making a mark in the hip-hop world by slowly creating buzz surrounding her freestyle skills.  

The Alabama-born emcee is a force to be reckoned with.  This past summer, T BARZ kicked-off her weekly freestyle series, ‘Barz on Thursdays’, and every week she kept listeners and hip-hop aficionado’s wanting more.  The time has come for the world to get a taste of this lyrical queen.

“This has been something that I’ve wanted the world to hear for years.  When I first started working on the album, I knew I wanted the end result to be what it is today.  Genesis is me…from beginning to end and I am very proud of the work we have put into this project.  A representation of me in music form with a bit of something for everyone to enjoy and relate,” says T Barz. 

“The unique album cover also symbolises what this album means to me. The beginning.  With this being my debut album, I wanted to come from the bottom and blossom into this beautiful tree filled with life. The graphic artist was able to bring my ideas and vision to life and I could not be happier,” adds Barz.

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