The Montreals Combines Bedroom Pop with Sleazy R&B Hooks on 'Y2K'

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The Montreals’ incorporate sleazy R&B hooks, So-Cal rock, and a dash of disco blended into your favourite smoothie.

Their stand-alone singles 'deadheads and Sardines' were positively received nationally and internationally, cartwheeling the line between polished and raucous, with the former attracting multiple radio plays on Triple J (Australia) and KCRW (United States). 'Y2K,' the latest track from The Montreals.

Collectively, their music has clocked over 800,000 streams on Spotify and been consistently added on coveted international playlists including Fresh Finds and Indie Arrivals. The new single, Y2K marks an exciting shift in direction which will turn heads and break beds :)

'Y2K' combines bedroom pop with sleazy R&B hooks, and a dash of jazz hands. “It contains a bunch of weird samples (cc: lazers) - it was a G time weaving lots of subtle nick nacks in the track.”

Margaret TraThe Montreals, RNB, R&B