Tiana Khasi Shares Debut EP 'MEGHALAYA'

tiana k.jpg

Tiana Khasi releases her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Meghalaya’.

Titled for Meghalaya, India - the land of the Khasi people whose name Tiana proudly bears, one of the few remaining matriarchal societies on planet Earth - Meghalaya (say: Mega-Liar) was co-written and produced by Sampology; and is a rich tapestry of styles and influence, with inspiration drawing from themes of self-empowerment, family and heritage, the results of collaborating with contemporary musicians while studying jazz.

A trained jazz vocalist and keystone artist in her hometown whose live reputation precedes her via her work fronting local jazz/hip-hop collective Astro Travellers, Tiana's unique sound has seen her support Jamaican-American "TrapHouseJazz" sensation Masego, Swedish soul artist Fatima, acclaimed Australian collective 30/70, labelmate Laneous and more.

From the opening flourish of keys on the EP's clear-eyed, homesick title track - almost like a prayer in its pleas for truth, strength and use of royal imagery - the festive mantra of Whole Lotta Shine, the letting go of Bitterness, to its emotional closing tribute Good Things, Meghalaya is a love letter to identity and self, but a realist one: one that is relentlessly working for its own optimism and draws from the strength of familial and external wisdoms to do so.

Also a multi-textured love letter to its geographic namesake, which translates to "the abode of the clouds"in Sanskrit; Tiana Khasi's head is well and truly in the clouds, and that's exactly where it needs to be.