Premiere: Emerging trip-hop artist URIAS Releases A New Introspective Single 'Visions'


As an openly gender-fluid artist, URIAS takes an introspective look within today’s society as she sees it. Inspired by her childhood trip-hop icons like Portishead, her new single “Visions” that we are excited to premiere today takes notes the duality of lightness and darkness within everything and everyone.

Even though people around her tend to put a mask up and hide their true feelings and thoughts, URIAS usually sees right through those masks.

Being that there isn’t many gender-fluid artists in the public eye, it was hesitant at first for URIAS to even release any music to begin with. That is, until she released her debut track “Head High” earlier this year. With that release, it gave her a sense of liberation which eventually led to her standing up for what she believes in the most, traversing the journey of becoming everything that she wasn’t and was expected to be in society and becoming who she is meant to be in the first place.

“I want women to know no matter what people say, you can do anything you want – ultimately you have the power. Nobody owns you so don’t let people tell you how to love.”