Travel Space With Violet Houses In Their Debut Experimental Rap EP ‘Aliens Aliens Aliens’


In a truly transformative and innovative effort to create something escapist by means of music, experimental rap duo ‘Violet Houses’ expose the silliest, strangest and most fanciful parts of their own selves in debut EP ‘Aliens Aliens Aliens’.

Produced in lighting speed over three weekends, ‘Aliens Aliens Aliens’ is in equal parts an art project, science experiment and space exploration. It’s about embracing cognitive dissonance through a perpetuation of real life feels, bridged into a completely warped dimension of enigmatic ideas and unembellished honesty.

Of the EP Card Houses says, “The things we discuss are all quite universal: love, pride, anxiety, self-care, but it's those thoughts reimagined after being put through a kaleidoscope. It's like the way our thoughts slowly slip into nonsense when we're falling asleep. It's still our own mind but not as we know it.”

Each of the six tracks carry their own unique tapestry of textures. The title track starts the EP with some distorted synths and aggressive robotic-like bars, followed by haunting vocals powered by a rich vibrato. Then there’s tracks like ‘Catamaran’ and ‘Tequila Sunrise’, which features a brighter collection of sounds that you can’t help but sing along to. Concluding the EP is ‘Stereopelagic’, a slower tempo track with an arrangement of cool lead breaks and gentle vocals that echo throughout the outro.

Violet Houses is a collaborative project formed by Melbourne rapper and producer Fresh Violet and Brisbane multi-instrumentalist and producer Card Houses. Each a master of their own artistry, side-by-side as Violet Houses the duo breaks through the constructs of common sound by exploring the outer limits of pop music.