VUYO Releases A Stunning Single 'Under The Stars'


Norwegian/South-African rapperVuyo releases 'Under The Stars' a prequel to his debut EP dropping August 17th.

The track runs with North Asian-style serenity per flute and birdsong samples, which the director, Tom Ringsby, complements with equally serene forest settings. Kanye’s Graduation-esque ride cymbals ring through the composition adding to the dynamic VUYO expertly establishes with the production. 

The single aerates a sense of completion, yet the underlying message is one of juxtaposed grief and aspiration. VUYO mirrors his musical ambition with “Hector Pieterson’s Soul” – one of many of the brave young men and women of Soweto who protested the forced introduction of Afrikaans as the medium of instruction in local schools in 1976. Pieterson was one of the first of many school children to be shot and killed by police during the tragic Soweto uprising… There’s a powerful message that lives on in the anniversary of his death in South Africa – Youth Day – which commemorates the protests.