WAYI Drops Soulful New Single 'Insecure'

WAYI 1 (c) Felicia van Ham_Weird !s Good.jpg

WAYI is officially introducing her debut EP with the new single ‘Insecure.’

Written by herself and produced/arranged by James Lowland, ‘Insecure’ is tapping into some smooth jazzy influences to deliver a soulful voluble track about a relationship stained by doubt and a lack of trust and loyalty. “Did you ever fall for someone who can’t help dating different people at the same time? I did but not for long! Trust me, it feels like shit, especially when you’re jealous. Not to mention it also feeds unnecessary insecurities, affecting your self-love along the way. I need someone who’s 100% into me, no more, no less”, reveals the 25-year-old known for her plainspoken yet poetic lyrics.

WAYI launched her career last year with The Way I Am and Temporary. The Belgian singer/songwriter became inspired to take up her pen after years of studying and covering her favourite acts. What started as innocent stories and novels slowly blossomed into a bouquet of lyrics about the purest and most complex feeling: Love.

With a subtle delicateness and a refreshing honesty, she explores every petal and thorn of this universal theme, narrating her own experiences that will soon be gathered in her upcoming and highly anticipated debut EP. Entitled Love in Progress and featuring Insecure, the project will be released on March 27, 2019 and is already available for pre-save.

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