Poetic Montgomery Based Rapper Xzayvier Drops New Single 'Vendetta'

Xzayvier Press Photo.JPG

Poetic Montgomery based rapper, Xzayvier, show shows his lyrical talent in his new single ‘Vendetta.’ 

The single reflecting the type of artist Xzayvier shows his emotion and determination climbing the ladder in the rap game.  Coming off the strong production, he lays down the feelings built up that growing up in Alabama in his area.  

Knowing the game is filled with a lot of talent it does not stop Xzayvier from the belief he is one of the most talented coming into it.  With inspirations such as Eminem, Jay- Z, and Lil Wayne; Xzayvier tells what he has learned through his experiences of people trying to stop his shine. 

The rare ability to execute the interlacing dynamic over a beat with lyrics that fit creates a permeating aura of freshness with every bar that Xzayvier speaks. 

Credentials such as This Is 50, Hip Hop titans, Indie Rap, and The Hype Magazine all see the vision and rising talent of Xzayvier.   

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