YT DiNGO Drops Highly Anticipated Debut EP 'Side A'

yt dingo.jpg

YT DiNGO drops his debut EP ‘Side A’. Pronounced. White Dingo, the artist is the personification of blood, sweat and tears. This music and dance project, spawned from the genius mind of Travers Ross, encapsulates sounds, movement and feeling in its rawest form.

’Side A’ is the massively anticipated debut EP from YT DiNGO, which features his already showcased trilogy—including 'Thrill of the Chase', 'Wicked Rest' and the Gold Coast Music Award-winning 'Shipwrecked'.

The EP holds three other new tracks, two of which feature Djuki Mala on both and Swoop on the other. Swoop has worked with some of the world's biggest hip-hop and pop artists including MC Hammer, Madonna, J. Lo, Snoop Dogg, Micheal Jackson and more.

YT DiNGO best portrays his vivid art through visuals, for which he's released three monumental videos thus far. The three videos were directed and edited by Claudia Sangiorgi Delimore, best known for her work on 'Her Sound, Her Story'. These stunning stunning pieces depicts amazing visual choreography, arranged by YT DiNGO himself. It's an honest tribute to the artists' talent in music production and dance choreography.