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Doing it right with Chuck Inglish

He’s an artist that is doing it right in hip hop at the moment. Chuck Inglish, producer and rapper originally stemmed from the duo the Cool Kids, he's just recently dropped a track with Canadian electrofunk band Chromeo. Chuck’s upcoming solo LP ‘Convertibles’ due to drop 8th April, also features Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Chance the Rapper and Action Bronson. With all these talented artists’ featured on his LP it’s suffice to say that Chuck is the one to watch out for. Enough said.  

Stimulate Your Soul chats to Chuck Inglish about what it was like to work with Chromeo, why Kriss Kross was his fashion inspiration growing up, and why he thinks Action Bronson is an artist that he relates too. Margaret Tra writes.

Happy new year, any musical new year resolutions?

Make funkier stuff.

You just dropped a track with Chromeo, what was it like working with him?

It was a pleasure. It was very like rewarding given that I have been a fan of them since college. We kind of came up you know watching them and when we got our shot they were close to the mix to due to our close associations, so when I had my opportunity to do my first solo album it was like a shot in the dark, I didn’t know if they would do it or not. But I sent it. The first beginning of 'Legs' sounded nothing like what it sounds like right now, so they sent me back cooler shit than you ever heard, which is now what the song is.

You first started off with the Cool Kids, what's it like flying solo?

I don’t know. It’s not, I am a producer first and an artist and as a group me and Mikey, we all used to be very close even though we weren’t recording we were very close. We both support each other’s solo stuff.  So even as a group, like as now we are recording again it doesn’t feel like  going solo it just feels like I did my own project.

You describe yourself as a stylist's favourite artist, who do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

Growing up, the things I’ve seen growing up, my fashion inspirations were Kriss kross. I always thought that they were the two freshest to ever do it.

Anyone in the industry you think is doing it right?

Anybody contributing really good music. I know that’s a politically correct term. But who do I think is doing it right? I’d say a lot of the artist that are featured on my album, like Chance (the Rapper) and Chromeo. And they just bring their own, they are doing it right. I would like to think I do it. I would like to answer that question and I would like to say me.

Why do you hate candy corn so much?

Why do I hate it so much? Because its shit.

When I say Australia what is the first thing you think of?

Damn. Cute girls,’ beaches and seafood. But not really no, not seafood.

Your upcoming LP "Convertibles" features Chance the Rapper, Action Bronson, Ab-Soul, Mac Miller & Sir Michael Rocks, these lads are the future of hip hop, sure each of them have their own creative style in terms of how they work, which one could you relate too? 

I don’t know. That’s a hard question. I really like Action (Bronson), just because I know him and the entertaining content in his music comes from just somebody that you just know is one of the coolest life-wise. Just on record in life.  I would like to think I follow the same suit.

What stimulates your soul?

The realisation that there is always more. And I don’t know anything, I am just here. 

Tracklisting for Convertibles:

01 Elevators [ft. Buddy & Polyvester the Saint]
02 Swervin [ft. Sir Michael Rocks & Polyvester the Saint]
03 Legs [ft. Chromeo]
04 Came Thru/Easily [ft. Mac Miller & Ab-Soul]
05 Attitude [ft. BJ the Chicago Kid]
06 Mas O Menos
07 Money Clip [ft. Vic Mensa, Retch, Hassani Kwess, Sulaiman]
08 Prism [ft. Jade<3]
09 Game Time [ft. Action Bronson]
10 Hurt You Back [ft. Benny Cassette]
11 Dreamy
12 Glam [ft. Chance the Rapper]

Want to hear more from Chuck Inglish? Click on the links below. 


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Sick interview. I never knew he hated candy corn and I've been a Stan for a long ass time haha.

February 7, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterwhatcar

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