Believing in Miracle

Miracle, rapper

With over 100,000 views on Youtube for his ‘Better Dayz’ single, Australian rapper Miracle has opened for artists such as Big Boi and Lupe Fiasco. Producer and rapper, Miracle reveals what it’s like to be a rapper in Australia, his plans after dropping out of Nufirm music, and an exclusive on his upcoming album. Margaret Tra writes.     

Do you get receive love from Australian Hip Hop supporters?

Yeah. I definitely get a lot of love and support from the Aussie Hip Hop fans, mainly not so much from the Aussie Hip Hop artists themselves, but I still get a lot of props from Australia's biggest DJ's and other artists around.

You originally came from SYDKIDS, how does it feel to branch out and known you've come this far?

Its real dope like SYDKIDS are my boys, I see them all the time. I support them as they support me, and really I'm blessed to come this far with the some-what success or name that I've made for myself. Truthfully, it feels like if one of us makes it we all do, like that person is paving the way for the rest to come through if you get what I mean.

You have supported some big names in hip hop such as Big Boi, Lupe Fiasco and the like, how does that feel? And do you have a favourite?

Crazy, just crazy knowing that your share the stage with your heroes, and supporting their music and Hip Hop! My favourite would definitely have to be the Supafest tour. Getting to meet, chill and learn from some of the biggest names in urban music worldwide, crazy.

How is the album coming along?

It's actually coming along a lot better than I expected, not a lot of people know, but since signing with Nufirm I already made one album. But, this first year in my career has allowed me to grow as an artist and find my direction, so departing with Nufirm and the creation of this new album I thought it would a struggle, but I'm already 70% in, and I've already produced about 80% of my album!

So you are no longer associated with Nu Firm?

No longer associated with the Nufirm, but I wish Israel and them all the best.

What came first, making beats or rapping?

Making beats for sure, I try to make at least one beat a day sometimes even three. I usually just vibe to whatever beat I feel the most think of a concept or story for it then do my thing.

What's next for Miracle?

God willing after starting all over again, I'm going to re-sign to Sony music as a direct artist, drop my first 4 singles and hopefully change the music system in Australia! Then drop the album and do a national tour, but that is if everything goes to plan.

What Stimulates Your Soul?

All types of music man, I love listening to music of different genres, like lots of soulful sounds and just anything with a beautiful melody, and a dope ass bass line