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Full Crate

Full Crate can be described as Electronic-Future-Dust-Nu-Jazz-Pain-Sub-Soul, or something along the lines of that. One man with many talents, his music captivates you emotionally with his EP Conversations with Her featuring Mar. He's an Amsterdam music producer that believes in the don't think just create mentality. With influences such as Michael Jackson, Jesse Boykins in addition to art and film. I dig into Full Crate about his creative processes, the cheapest record he has ever found and an exclusive of which artist he is featuring in his upcoming EP to be released later this year. Margaret Tra writes.

What’s the music scene like in Netherlands/Amsterdam in comparison to the rest of the world? Does culture influence your music?

The scene here is inspiring, especially the beat scene it's dope! Lots of great producers, and people are very down to earth, which is really nice and inspiring! Culture definitely influences my music.

You released frequent mixtapes (done one for Carhatt, Barcardi) How long does it take you? And what is your inspiration behind it?

Making a mixtape goes differently each time, it depends on the songs. Sometime I'm done in one take and sometimes I'm busy all day. The inspiration, just like with producing, could come from anything and anywhere. This could come from my friends to other music.

You have a classical music background tell us about it?

At the age of five I started learning how to play the piano, and not much later I got accepted to the pre-conservatory (also known as the music school). There I studied piano and choir as my main subjects.

You said electric wire hustle and Jesse Boykins are influences as well art and film, could you divulge anymore secrets?

I can say that me and Jesse are working on a EP that should come out this year.

You did an interpretation of Lil Wayne - I'm Single, what was the inspiration behind this? Is he an artist you would like to work with?

Well, first off, its Mar's project and I had almost nothing to do with this song, except telling him that he should take this song and variant it for his 'Mar Variations' project. I helped him mix it that's all. And yeah I would definitely want to work with Lil Wayne, who wouldn't?

You are a record collector, what is the cheapest and favourite record you have ever found?

Hmm, good question. Not sure which one, I think it was a 7" by 'The Stylistics' that 9th Wonder used for the 'Lovin' it' joint with Little Brother. I wasn't even looking for it, but was very happy to find it.

You’re childhood friends with Mar? Were you two musical kids bouncing off each other? What was that like and how does it feel to work with him now?

I got to know Mar at high school, we ended up being in the same class. Very quickly we became close friends, also because of the musical taste we shared. We pretty much did everything that had to do with music. I remember we used to stay extra-long at school so we can use the music class room to rehearse and try to play different instruments. Now, it's like second nature to work with Mar. We understand each other perfectly.

All your video clips and promotional artwork have this very artistic feel that fits perfectly with your lush sounds, is simplicity the key?

Simplicity works, when you need it to work. Some songs need a more complicated approach than others. I think that the video's and all the visual represent your work as an artist just like the music does. It needs to lift each other to a whole new level.

Latest Subs, Dust & Synths? Tell us about it.

Well, my good friends from the Vage Gasten (a dope collective of different creatives') asked me to make a podcast for them and I ended up making Subs, Dust & Synths. Some people might expect more mellow stuff from me, but when I DJ it could go to all kinds of directions.

How does it feel to have Australian fans?

It feels great! Didn't even knew I had fans over there (he laughs). An Australian tour is something that definitely could happen in the nearest future.

I said, captivates you emotionally. Is there a story that sparked this song?

Yes there is, almost all the songs on the Conversation With Her EP are true stories. In case of 'I Said' it's Mar's story. It was his way of regretting some things he said and done. Listen to the lyrics closely, Mar is pure with them lyrics.

Your sound is almost angelic, choir like, was this your intention? 

To be honest, no idea. I just create what-ever I feel like creating. It depends on the mood, people and projects. As soon as you start making music with intentions, you start focusing on the wrong things, well that happens with me. Just don't think and create! 


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