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Soul Movement Vol 1 was Slakah the Beatchild’s first international release, described as a Hip hop and Soul performing producer he has produced for artists such as Drake, Ayah, Ebrahim and Melanie Durrant. Currently touring Europe, Slaks talks about the difference between his sounds as a solo artist versus his group Art of Fresh, his guilty pleasure of watching overdubbed talking animals on youtube and how endearing he finds Australian accents. Margaret Tra writes. 

What do you think your top releases are, and why?

To tell you the truth, I'm not even aware of my top releases but one thing I often hear people request are copies of my Soul Movement Vol1 Album. That was my very first international release and it is a classic, in my mind at least. I am working on Vol 2 as we speak.

There is a lot of Canadian talent out there, does it help when networking with other Canadian artists?

You are right, there is a huge pool of talent here, but i think before you work with anyone, you must have similar ethics and goals.

Is there a definitive difference to your approach to your sound versus say that of Art of Fresh?

Yeah for sure, with my solo material I like sketching ideas on the guitar, then building around the idea whereas with Art of Fresh I usually already have the beats made and we write to them.

What defines your 'sound' as an independent artist compared to being in a group?

I think I am more diverse as a solo artist because I set my own boundaries. 

And how has it all developed since you started, when did you really decide this was what you wanted to completely focus on? 

Well I tried doing some architecture programs but felt strongly that I was cheating myself and my heart. So I left college and started hustlin' in recording studios in Toronto.

Did you ever have any other ideas for your future?

Fire fighter and Pilot, I still would love to do em’.

You are currently touring Europe, what’s the response like there? And will Australia be able to see you soon?

I love Europe so much because how this part of the world is. Every country is so close, I get to visit Tingsek in Sweden, then hop over to Paris to see Hazel all while keeping productive. I hope to tour Australia soon, it’s so far away. Actually, although I've been all around the world, I've never been south of the equator.

I interviewed Erbahim recently about his music, he said you were his inspiration and like your big brother. What are your thoughts on that?

Huh? Who’s Ebrahim? Just kidding, I love that guy to death! We've been friends for a long time and I admire his heart and talent.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Watching overdubbed talking animal videos on Youtube.

Most unbelievable story whilst touring?

We were driving in the middle of winter in the Canadian rockies, and as our crazy driver goes to overtake a massive truck, we slide on ice and almost crash.

How does it feel to have supporters in Australia?

I honestly didn't know I did, but that is sweet! 

What are your thoughts on music in Australia and the kind of music hits our shores? (Australian’s have to rummage through the net to find artists) 

Australian accents are the most endearing EVER! But I'm horrible I don't know too many Australian artists.

‘Enjo ya self’ is my absolute favourite, what was your inspiration behind that?

I was dying to make a feel good nostalgic song and I had the line "enjoy ya self" in my head for months. One day Ayah and myself sat down and wrote it, and it is actually the first song I wrote for Soul Movement Vol 1.

Who are your influences? 

J-Dilla, Tingsek and Hazel. 


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