On the road with Miles Bonny

Miles Bonny

Miles Bonny has a timeless, soulful sound. Music producer, DJ and singer, Bonny is currently working on S3 album produced by Brenk who worked with Hip-Hop legend DJ Premier and MC Eiht. Bonny talks about juggling being a father and his music, the roots of INnate sounds and his thoughts on his recent release Lumberjack Soul LP. Margaret Tra writes.

Tell us about INnate sounds and the crew

INnatesounds is an artist collective which I curate, and it serves largely as an initial platform for sharing music. We have opportunities to distribute music, as well as begin online presence for artists. My interest is in music and communication and relationships, and INnatesounds is one way I can share my skills and interests to benefit others. 

Lawrencehiphop.com was a site you ran that reportedly helped bring attention to hip hop in Cans ass city, what are your thoughts on that?

Yeah it was a big deal for Lawrence, Kansas where I went to college and also the KC area hip hop scene. The website provided one location where media, news, press and fans can keep up with local artists, learn about upcoming shows, and hear their music. The forum was very active; it was a great time in my life. When I moved to Kansas City I felt I should no longer run the site and now it is unused. It did a lot for demonstrating effective documentation of local culture, which is something that is still relatively cutting edge it seems. 

You’re a family man, how do you juggle your music career as well as being a father?

 I just do it all. I participate in things i like. I like music, I like my family. The biggest issue is that if I was to become a full time musician, I’d need to travel often, and that would require me being away from my family. So I am currently working on new arrangements for where we live that would make touring easier for me, and would allow me to grow more as a touring musician. I'll be on the road more often soon.

Your Lumberjack Soul LP has been described as soul album of the year, how does that make you feel? That's amazing. I'd love to hear people say that. It's really an album that feels like me. Now that it is out though, it only feels like the beginning. I have a lot more to do and create. 


You have a few projects coming up, which one are you most excited about? And what can we expect?

S3 is my next album which is entirely produced by Brenk from Vienna who is currently working with MC Eiht and DJ Premier and others. He is amazing. It will be a full album of all new material and will be “doooooope”. It'll be out in early 2012. 

You are a man of many talents, music producing, DJ, singer, which one do you prefer?

I tend to focus on the ones that others enjoy most. I am always doing them all, however people of different parts of the world know me for doing different things. I'd like to continue to sing more because I still have room to grow. I imagine that as I allow myself to spend more time on them, all that they will become one thing. I may do them all on stage. Time will tell. But I look forward to continuing to develop as a singer.  

You have a soulful, timeless sound; does this come naturally to you?

 Wow thanks for saying that. I do think timelessness is important. I don’t make music to be famous; as a result I make music that is more about the sound, than me as a person. When I was finally able to allow myself to be myself, and I wasn’t scared of my voice,  when I was discovering it, I made a sound that is something I wanted to hear. I make music I like. I don't have any rules for it beyond that.  

A possible Australian tour?

I'd love to! When do I start?