Feeling Iman Omari's energy

Iman Omari


Reigning from Los Angeles, soul musician Iman Omari pledges colour and vibrancy within each one of his tracks. His EP ‘Energy’ is mesmerising, depicting a musical documentation of his life. It's only just the beginning for Iman, it won’t be long until the soul lovers of the world are enchanted by his music, especially when the likes of hip hop artist Mac Miller approaches him to produce a track. Margaret Tra writes.


You just recently did a song with Mac Miller, can you tell us about it? What was it like working with him? (How did it come about?)

Mac's people hit me up one day, and invited me to his video shoot. I dropped by and chilled for a while. Mac said he wanted to do some "Trippy" music with me. (Laughs) We made it to the studio, and the rest was history. Mac is an incredible artist, and a dope MC! I'm honoured to have produced a song for him. 

How would you describe your music?

My music is full of colour and vibration. Music that you can feel and hear.

How does it feel to know your music touches a wider audience?

It's a liberating feeling, knowing that so many people use to tell me that, "the soul thing is never gonna come back". Having faith in what you believe in is the key to having success, and that's exactly what I did. I still have much more to accomplish.

Walk us through what goes through your head during production process?

I create based on how my day feels. Whatever emotion I feel at the moment will come out in the track. It's like musical documentation of my life. Different songs tell a different story. 

Your music is soul touching, where do you gather your inspiration from?

I gather from what I hear that rings with my spirit, it can be a short melody, or even something I've seen. The world is full of "inspiration, information".

What else can we expect from you? 

More shows and a lot more music. More vibes and good energy! 

Tell us about Energy.

Energy is a project of feeling. I called this EP Energy because each song has its own energy.  Almost like there is electricity in the songs. 

What stimulates your soul?

Positive energy. Period.