Spoken word with Jeary Sylves

Jeary Sylves paved his way in the hip hop industry by showcasing his unique poetry and spoken word game at open mic nights throughout Phoenix. Fast forward a few years later and Sylve has worked with the most influential rappers in the game; Rapper Pooh and Def Poets Blackice & Shihan. Sylve has just released his latest project, ‘Jeary For Dolo.’ He reveals what he has learnt from collaborating with artists,’ why his album ‘Jeary For Dolo,’ captivates the real him, and his dream of one day touring Australia and London. Margaret Tra writes.

For those that don’t know who you are, introduce yourself.

What up though! I’m Jeary Sylves; my Tumblr bio reads ‘Jedi knight, backpacker, poet, emcee, singer, hip-hop philosopher, watercolor painter & designer shoe wearer.’ (Laughs) I suppose that best sums me up & I guess I happen to make music too!

You’ve worked with a lot of artists, was there one artist that taught you something? If so who and what was it?

I think the really amazing thing about working with other talented individuals in general is that they bring their own energy, love, and passion with them. Through these experiences, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for the art and I feed off them, and that drive pushes me, and also challenges me to want to create music that is forward in movement, boundless, & forever.

What was it like working Rapper Big Pooh and Def Poets?

Working with Big Pooh, Def Poet artists’ like Blackice & Shihan served as many beautiful moments in time for me. It’s like listening or watching your favourite artist or group and having a far-fetched enough imagination, and thinking you would possibly one day be able to work and to record with giants in your eyes, people who have contributed to your own development creatively, artistically can actually come true.

Are you working on any new projects? If so what can we expect?

I actually just released my latest project, an album. Titled “Jeary For Dolo,” you can expect to truly hear and get to know me. Which includes my honesty, my transparency, love, regrets, hurt and of course my passion. I think that is what great of music lacks.

Walk us through your musical journey, how did you start?

I’ve always been a writer and a performer, I did drama all through High School, which grew and developed into my love for the ‘spoken word’ through the combing of these two passions. It wasn’t until
college that I really got my start. I came up through the poetry/spokenword game doing open mics throughout the Phoenix area, and also performing at various college campuses. Whilst at college I
was fortunate enough to meet some talented and genius level people who were all on the same path that I was, and the music kind of just gave birth to itself, we’re just the facilitators of this art.

Where do you see yourself in a few years time?

I really hope to be traveling around the world performing, if I’m lucky Australia or London (Laughs) In terms of further in my career as an artist, I’d have a few more projects under belt as well as working with a few more artist that I’ve admired and looked up.

What stimulates your soul?

What stimulates my soul is simple; I’m moved by the act of being able
to share what is so dear to me. My music, my art, my words which touch
peoples lives in the process. I just want to share that.

To hear more music from Jeary jump onto his Bandcamp page.