Bridging the gap with The Iron Ghost

Australian producer and MC The Iron Ghost started a production label ‘Sound Kamp’ back in 2005. Ever since then he has paved the way for young producers to achieve their dreams.  The Iron Ghost is known for providing a modern twist, on the traditional hip hop fundamentals. His recent release ‘The Coronation’ EP features a lot of international guest spots including Kool G Rap (New York), Termanology (Boston) and Donny Goines (New York). We chat to The Iron Ghost about The Coronation, why the Australian hip hop scene is divided and his musical journey. Margaret Tra writes.

Tell us how Sound Kamp started

I started Sound Kamp back in April 2005, originally as a label. Soon after I decided to steer it towards becoming a production label instead, housing producers. During this time we put together a lot of beat tapes, and sent out instrumentals trying to gain more exposure for the producers on board. In 2009 I hooked up with my boy P.R and started working on his 2010 release ‘Pre Heated’ mixtape. A year later we teamed up for the first time from a production aspect to create the first official Sound Kamp EP ‘Ali Vegas - Bridging the Gap.’ 

How is hip hop in Australia being perceived today? Is it shaping up for the better or worse?

To be honest, there is just far too much politics in the local scene. However there are some really talented MC's and some unbelievable producers coming through.

Tell us about The Iron King, and how you started in the music industry?

Iron King is collaboration between me and local producer/DJ Micks King. We have known each other for a while now; back in 2006 he produced a track for my first EP ‘The Myth.’ I have always admired the production skills and creativity Micks King has bought to the game. Last year he sent through a beat and said I want you to get on this beat, then it was like here is another beat and then it was like I want you on this joint with Kool G Rap. After that we just said let’s just drop a free EP, because the production was just amazing.

Is it important for you to stick with local artists?

I think the local scene is really divided; people tend to work with friends and those they trust. Some want some stupid sums of money for features, not understanding that artists’ can go abroad and get an established artist for a lot less. I think what is lacking in the local scene is a lot of people don’t understand business or marketing. They criticise someone for being too commercial because they were on a commercial radio station.

But me personally, I like to help people develop and grow to become better artists. I am always happy to give advice for that hungry artist who is looking to improve and develop to succeed.

The Coronation EP features a lot of guest spots including Kool G Rap (New York),  Termanology (Boston), Donny Goines (New York) and many more. How did you select the artists, and were there any lessons learnt along the way?

Well Kool G Rap, Micks came through with this Joint. He had previously produced a record with KGR, so he was like let’s do another one because the dude is a legend.

Termanology is one of my favourite rappers today; if you listen to him you know why we would want him on it. The beat Micks King produced suited him perfectly; he chose the sample specifically to suit the tone and style of ‘Term’.

Mick set up the Donny track, again he came through with the beat and said "Yo imma get Donny on this, it’s a perfect feature."

The great thing about this project was, we had a certain style and we were blessed enough to be able to get the artists we wanted on it.

Advice would be to better project manage your release, it is so vital.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

As an MC I would love to work with Ayatollah, he is one of my major influences. As a producer would really want to work with AZ, he is an incredible emcee and legend in the game.

Are you working on any new projects?

At the moment I’m working on several projects, both as a producer and MC so you need to watch this space. Also we have "The Coronation" Video about to release real soon.

What stimulates your soul?

Life and living it.