Kicking it with Kosha Dillz

He’s a Jewish rapper who’s had the pleasure of being on tour with legendary Wu Tang, worked with Murs and even raps at bar mitzvahs. Kosha Dillz is no doubt an emcee with a difference. He’s bilingual nature sees him intertwine his rapping in Jewish, Spanish and of course English. In his early days Kosha used to perform at Nuyorican Poets Cafe, which is a well known hip hop cafe in New York City, having had the most influential rappers such as Mos Def and Immortal Technique spend their early careers gracing the very same stage.

In honour of his upcoming LP due to be released on 5th November on Murs’ label, Stimulate Your Soul decided to catch up with Kosha Dillz to discuss how he came to freestyle with A$AP Rocky somewhere in France, his latest LP  ‘Awkard in a good way,’ and why he’s most awkward moment was when he praised Jesus at a Christmas party. Margaret Tra writes.

You rap in Hebrew, English and Spanish. How do you do that? Ever fancied doing all 3 in one song? 

We did, ‘Span-Hebrish’. Sort of how that came about, I speak good enough Hebrew, fluent Spanish, and great English.

You used to perform at Nuyorican Poets Cafe where the likes of Mos Def and Immortal Technique performed, what was that experience like, and do you think that has shaped you into the artist you are today?

People who rock at Nuyorican have a certain respect in New York City. Its’ going to come a time when they are all on the top of the world. Everyone we know from there previously 10 years ago still do music full time. Almost everyone. Everyone remembers each other.

You are quite prominent in the Jewish community, I know it's something you used to not be proud of but now you embrace it. How does it feel?

To have kids look up to you as a hero on occasion is more than what you can ask for as a musician. I am trying to bridge the gap between the communities I live in because it’s what I live in daily. I enjoy being myself.

Tell us about your upcoming LP ’Awkward in a good way’. What can we expect? 

Beats are all done by Belief. It’s an amazing record to me. It brought out a dark side and I am happy to share the positivity within me in a different way. Murs really helped me shape the vision of the title. I think people can see the growth in me as an artist, and that’s all you can ask for, as a fan and connoisseur of music. The new people will really be happy.

What is the most awkward situation you've experienced?

The most awkward situation was probably being on drugs at a Christmas dinner with an ex-girlfriend and everyone praising Jesus. I was just like, yeah this is weird, awkward. It was not awkward in a good way!

Was it tough for you to become a rapper and establish yourself within the industry?

Yeah. I breathe this every day. It’s not something glorious. Coming out of an era where you are too young for old school and too old for new school is a weird era. The hand to hand grind of touring and trying to fit in and gain the young kids and still represent what you are really about is difficult. My hard work has paid off, because people respect what I have created, and that is my own lane.

What was it like working with Gangsta Boo & Murs?

It was dope. Gangsta Boo is the real deal. Like she is rap inside and out. Murs is a different side of hip hop. Me and him didn’t have the best relationship, so to work together has taught me a lot and shows me the growth within my career. I enjoy and respect his mentality.

You freestyled with A$AP Rocky with dope rhymes and even managed to gain some appreciation from him. How did it come about and what was it like?

That was on some real randomness. All I can say was I showed up to France and rocked my joint with Matisayhu and people are kicking it, and next thing you know it was all good vibes.  It’s never a bad time when we are backstage, hanging out where no one speaks English too well, partying with bands we will never really know, and everyone is getting treated great. Those are the moments you remember. Luckily I caught on it on camera.

What stimulates your soul?

Taking a chance on something that is not expected. That’s the thing that really gets me going.

To hear more, jump onto Kosha Dillz website.