Tapping into Vanessa Elisha's hip hop lover side

They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Or better yet, you don’t know what you’ve got until someone else appreciates it more than you. This is exactly where upcoming Australian R&B singer/song writer Vanessa Elisha’s journey begins. She may not be getting a lot of love in her hometown Gold Coast, Australia, but she’s hitting the US and UK markets pretty hard, and at a rapid pace I might add, with her teaser track ‘Blur’ thrashing up to 40,000 views on YouTube, which is pretty impressive for an indie artist.

She’s only released two tracks, her first ‘Blur’ and ‘Home to Me,’ which will be both be featured on her upcoming EP due to be released in March. Vanessa’s voice is strong, and her lyrics are one that every woman can relate to, so it’s only a matter of time until the Australian music industry wakes up and notices her.

Stimulate Your Soul chats to Vanessa about CVIRO's EP ‘Elevation’ which she co-wrote, why the Gold Coast is not known for its urban side, and how an indie artist is flooding the US and UK blogs but not in her hometown. Margaret Tra writes.

Where bouts in Australia are you located? Do locals support you there? 

I live on the on the Gold Coast, Queensland – let’s just say R&B isn’t big here. (Laughs)

Blur has around 40,000 views; that’s pretty amazing for an indie artist, how does that make you feel?

Shocked more than anything! The response has been way more amazing than I ever dreamed! Hopefully it continues down this path and people love song after song!

What is it like growing up in the Aussie music industry? Do you get a lot of support?

 I get a lot of support from friends and family. In terms of the industry, I relate more to the US and UK market. The Australian music industry is heavily influenced by rock and electro – there is some amazing R&B talent, it’s just rare to find.

Tell us about your upcoming EP, what is it about, and will you have any collaborations?

 It’s about a long-term relationship – the ups, the downs the breaks ups and make-ups. Although it’s a pretty standard subject matter I think I present it in a different way – the lyrics are different and the music intensifies the whole vibe. There are no collaborations yet, we’ve thought about it, but we also want the focus to be on the lyrics and vocals.


Tell us about your musical background, you are a music writer and singer. Is there one you prefer?

I’ve always written, whether just to a beat that inspires me, or for other artists. It was only late last year that I realised it’s time for me to look after myself, and start working on my own project! I don’t think there’s one I prefer, writing is a form of release, and singing is my everything. They go hand in hand for me.

How did you and music producer Jrdn Gxnius meet?

We met through a friend and instantly clicked. 

Are you writing for any other artists'?

Yeah, I have a lot of projects happening at once! My favourite is probably CVIRO's EP Elevation. I co-wrote every track. It should be released in April, which is exciting! The vibe is a little different - tapping into my hip-hop-lover side! 

What Stimulates Your Soul?

I don’t want to be corny but music. It’s the obvious answer, but also the truth! It’s the one thing that goes with my every mood – inspires me and makes me happy.  

Want to hear more from Vanessa?

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vanessaelisha

Website: http://www.vanessaelisha.com/