The sweet melody of Jazz P


Jazz P's resonance is wrapped up in Hip Hop, Soul and bit of Ragga in the mix. Her magical worldly sounds allows her to gracefully do her vocals and rapping in not only in English, but also in her native tongue SiSwati. Stimulate Your Soul has a quick chat with Jazz P about the band she founded and also stars in 'The Next Generation,' why she thinks there needs to be more workshops on music as a business, and about collaborating with Dama do Bling and Bob Sam. Margaret Tra writes. 

You do your music in SiSwati and in English, which one do you think fulfils you more?

I've noticed that I become a little more attached to the songs I write in my native language, than those I do in English. I think it's because my native bares out the sensitive core of a song, hence further touching/moving. Soul music demands real essence out of you, you can't pretend.
What inspired you to become a hip hop and soul artist?

I'm inspired by a lot of different kinds of music. Hip hop is my first love yes, because one gets to appreciate the powerful impact a word can have on an individual. For example: Encouraging action and/or change. It's rhythmic poetry! I’m a spiritually conscious person, soul music is spiritual food, hence my addiction with hip hop and soul.
What is the music culture like in Mozambique?

Music culture in Mozambique is traditional music is a big deal.'Marrabenta' has the way older generation cashing in big time.'Pandza,’which I call 'Moz Kwaito', influenced by the South Africans usually comprising of 'rappers ‘that gave up on hip hop because very few rappers take it serious, meaning-doing it as a business. Music as a business, we need such workshops, to educate each other as artists.
Can you tell us about your band ‘The Next Generation’ and what it represents?

The Next Generation band is a seven piece band of young musicians with multi-talents.
Bassist: Orlanda Conceicao: Age 16 and plays percussion as well as sings. 
Drums: Otis Selimane, he plays mbira as well and percussion. He sings too and is only16 years old. 
Guitarist is Dito, he is 20 years old and already plays for key artists in Mozambique and sings. 
Saxophone: Sarmento Cossa, age 19 years old. He also plays keyboard.
Voices:BEAUTY:mbira player too.
Skunk: Roots Reggae vocalist and percussionist. 
Jazz P: Rapper, vocalist and budding guitar player.
The Next Generation band is represents the future, the next life, the fruits of our labour.
You’ve performed in South Africa, what was that like? Does Mandela’s current situation affect you?

Performing in South Africa was really special. It has very diverse mix of artists’, it's a good country for networking and marketing. Yes of course. Mandela is our father. Our hearts go out to him.
What is next for Jazz P?

I'm shooting my very first video next month as well as two others. Two collaboration tracks, one with Dama do Bling, Bob Sam and Slim Nigga-Moz.
Would you move away from Mozambique?

Mozambique is amazing but I would move for work purposes, with my small family, my 6 month old princess and Skunk, my sweet heart. I would survive anywhere with them.
What stimulates your soul?  

Spiritual truth conscious and chanting Hare Krishna.


Jazz P's Soundcloud.