Changing Society with EMERSON WINDY

Emerson Windy

Emerson Windy is no stranger to the studio, the legendary hip-hop producer-turned-recording artist has worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka Flame and many others. He's also keen to try out new merchandise ideas having released a weed scented scratch n sniff CD and now considering a wacky scratch-n-sniff Weedman Windy action figure. With an ever-growing fanbase of 'Windyians,' Emerson might be getting an invite to tour down under sooner than later. 

Emerson Windy chats to Stimulate Your Soul about collaborations, education and his debut LP 'Herojuana'. Harry Upton writes.

Emerson, thanks for your time. What are you up to today?

No problem at all, a good talk about hip-hop is always welcomed. Today I'm just setting my fantasy football roster and watching AJ Green ball tonight. Real talk. 

I'm sure many SYS readers would be familiar with your production work (producing for the likes of Glasses Malone, Waka Flocka and Snoop Dogg), what was it like making the move from producer to recording artist?

It's a lot less private and a lot more work but it feels more natural for me. I mix well with people and I get a lot of personal gratification from fan interaction, the Windyians are everything to me. Plus I feel like I'm in better position to affect change in society. There are some pressing issues that I intend to continue to stick my nose in, things like homelessness, cancer treatment and prevention, marijuana education, legalisation and wellness—to name a few. My voice is louder through a microphone right?

You've collaborated with some great acts on debut album 'Herojuana', do you think collaboration is particularly important/prevelant in hip hop?

Collaboration is definitely in hip-hop my G, it really took my brand to the next level in the eyes of many when I collaborated with artists like Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Birdman, Pusha T and big time producers like DJ Mustard, Mike Will Made It and Timbaland. It was a blessing that I took advantage of. I look forward to doing the same for and up and comers in the future. That's hip-hop.

And you've got your next release scheduled for next year, tell us the inspiration behind your new album?

Like most of my music, it's in inspired by life experience. I don't speak on it if I don't know it. I tend to tell stories with my lyrics, I like my listener to see the movie in their mind when they listen to Windy.

Is it true you released a weed scented scratch n sniff CD? Whats your next merchandise idea?

It's very true. It was the first weed-scented CD that I know of G. Most of my albums will carry that trademark, I'm the Weedman. My next merch idea... Hmmmm... Shit... That's a good question, I used up all my little brain power coming up with that one. Maybe I need a Weedman Windy action figure, whatchu think homie? (laughs)

If you can get it past customs.. That reminds me, you're also the creator and host of the series 'the CHRONICles of weedman windy', tell us about that?

The CHRONICles™ series was created to the bring the people what I like to call the "WEEDformation" which is information about cannabis that can get buried under the propaganda. I dig up the buried treasure in the form of knowledge and give it away like Robin Hood would pimpin'. (laughs) I inform my audience of the laws, where to find great products and most importantly - how to use cannabis responsibly—THC and CBD treatment and things to that nature. It's a medicine with some cool side affects. 

When can Australian fans expect to see you live?

As soon as one of those Aussie promoters gives Windy a call, I'm Down Unda' (laughs) cross my heart and hope to die if I'm lying! Australians' appreciate Hip Hop from what I hear from comrades who have been fortunate enough to tour there, I hope to create my own tales with Australian fans.

And finally Emerson, what stimulates your soul?

Love brother... Love should stimulate everybody's soul. Life is precious and I love it. I just want to spread that positive way of thinking wherever I go. We all have the ability to make a bad good.

Grab Emerson Windys album - Herojuana here