Pledging to good hip hop, blues, soul, funk and old school electro with 1200 Techniques

After bursting onto the scene in the early 2000’s Australian hip-hop trio 1200 techniques are ready to get back into the scene.  They've seen commercial success from their debut album “Choose One” including the massive cross-over hit “Karma” and follow up album “Consistency Theory.” It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since we’ve heard from 1200 techniques, even they agree it’s been a while between drinks.

We speak to front man N’fa Jones about what’s changed during that time, his thoughts on hip-hop in Australia today, what to expect from 1200’s in the near future and their PledgeMusic campaign. Harry Upton writes.

We're very excited to hear that 1200 techniques are reforming, how did it come about? Was it in the works for a while or was there a certain event that triggered the reformation? 

Reforming is something we had always intended on doing. We just never thought it would be so long between drinks. The main thing that are it happen is that I had moved back to Australia and we were all in the same city again.

How's it feel to be working together on new music again? 

Feels good. Some dynamics have changed and some are the same. Jamming live has been a lot of fun! 

Do you think your sound has changed / matured ten years on?

Yeah it's matured more than changed. It's still an Infusion of hip hop, blues, soul, funk and old school electro, but in a slightly rearranged manner.

You've recently launched a PledgeMusic campaign, tell us about that?

Yeah people can get our EP, some of our vintage goods and new goods, as well as have us play a house party and such. All purchases come with the download of the new EP. It's a cool way to engage with audience as a build up to the release. You can have a look at

1200's were around in the first years of Aussie hip hop, the scene has no doubt grown a lot since then, what do you think about the current state of hip hop in Australia? 

Yeah it was different. A lot of "rules" have ceased to exist, and the scene is a lot larger and more radio friendly. Not sure if this is good or bad, but people seem to be happy.

Can we expect a full length release to follow the new EP?

Hopefully! We got more music in the can, so hopefully indeed.

You're first show in ten years is coming up at Howler on Wednesday 17th December, what can fans expect? 

A lot of energy and a good time. We'll be playing our 'classics' and our new material, which all sounds great together.

Any other shows planned? 

We are just sorting some out at the moment for January and a tour around March.

What stimulates your soul?

Good food, good people, good music and laughter.