Aussie rapper Allday wants to be an icon for 'loners and losers'

Adelaide rapper Allday has only just begun his music career but has set to reach great heights. His debut album, ‘Startup Cult’ hit the iTunes hip hop chart at number 1 pre-order last month before its release date of 4th July 2014. Growing up in Blackwood, home to the Hilltop Hoods, he began rapping at an early age and recorded his first track and as a teenager. Allday then started gaining attention after his first EP ‘Noue Yesue’ started being played on Triple J Unearthed. After moving to Melbourne and teaming up with producer C1, his single ‘So Good’ was added to rotation on Triple J. Having just wrapped up his ‘Right Now’ national tour with a sold-out show in Sydney, Allday is getting ready to officially release his album, which is sure to make waves throughout the industry.

We chat to Allday about his debut album, having support from rappers such as Illy and Kid Mac and how working at a call centre made him work on music so much harder. Adam Lunn writes.

How did it feel to have ‘Startup Cult’ enter the iTunes chart even before it is released?

Pretty amazing! I've given out dozens and dozens of songs for free and my core fans know that, then buy my album when it comes out. It's definitely cool to have people say "I've never bought an album before, but I'm doing this to support you."

How do you think people will receive the album?

I'm pretty sure there's something for all the current Allday fans and something for some other crowds too. The sound is more of a modern rap sound. But there's always going to be those pop elements because I like to sing choruses and stuff.

Have you finished the album? What’s left to do?

It's all finished, now I just have to convince people to buy it. We also have to make some video clips. But in terms of the music, there's nothing left to do.

How does it to have the support of other Aussie rappers like Illy?

Illy has been amazing with support. He's always sending me messages or calling me asking what's up, or if I need help with anything. I definitely take full advantage of it and listen to a lot of his advice. 

Starting out on Triple J, did you ever think you’d be touring the country and making music as a living?

I'm not really sure. I'm not really one for long term plans, just because I'm usually too preoccupied with whatever is going on that day. When 'So Good' got added to radio, I didn't even know the significance of radio play because I'd never had it before. After that I decided that music was going to be my job and I started going harder with it. I was working at a call centre and it made me work on music so much harder because I hated working there so much. 

Would you consider yourself now as icon in Aussie hip hop?

I'm not an icon yet. I haven't got an album out yet. I'm not even playing big venues yet. But I feel like an icon in my own way. I want to be an icon for loners and losers. I don't really care about Aussie hip hop at all to be honest, I just like good hip hop.

Tell us how did the name ‘Allday’ come about?

I had won a battle under the name 'Tomzilla' and the prize was some recording time in a studio. I knew I didn't want to keep the name Tomzilla and the recording session was in a week. I had to think of something. I had been writing to a No I.D. beat and I liked that his name wasn't a conventional title; it was more of a statement. Somebody said to me 'all you do is rap all day' and so I decided to become ‘Allday’. 

Tell us about some of your merchandise range.

I design most of it myself. Well I start the designs, do a draft and send it to a designer to finish it off. It's all stuff I like to wear and (for how big I am) we sell a lot because the clothes are actually cool. I'm eventually going to transform it into a proper label.

What’s next for Allday?

This album, maybe some free songs, then another album hopefully by late next year!

What stimulates your soul?

Fruit & vegetables, sunsets, cool breezes, the beach, swimming pools, travelling, air-conditioners, coffee, sex, marijuana, music, walking down to Video Star, seeing my family & doing shows.

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