Rising back up with rapper Skryptcha

Every artist has a story, but it’s what they do with that story that makes the difference. Skryptcha is an Aussie rapper residing in Sydney. His story includes depression, almost losing his father, tragedy and heartbreak. All these issues, almost caused him to give up music. But then he got what most artist get, and it’s that itch. That itch, or what I call their calling, it’s something they can’t shake off, something that stays with you, unless you of course scratch it.

We chat to Skryptcha about his latest track ‘What we do it for,’ what made him come back to making music, and what it was like teaming up with Cam Bluff who has produced for rapper 360 and Illy. Margaret Tra writes.


You touch base on how you went through some personal and professional struggles do you care to elaborate?

It's a long story. (Laughs). And one, which I will definitely elaborate on as the process of all this new music comes out. Basically over the past two years I've been through heartbreak, tragedy, horror and depression. All of the above and a whole lot more (laughs). It really has been nuts. The worst episode of which involved the near death of my father, who survived by absolute way of miracle and then went on to spend 12 months in hospital. He's still alive but has experienced very serious brain damage and physical disabilities. My focus over this whole period has entirely been with my family. I've been completely broken countless times but always managed to get back up and I'm still here smiling.

Will these struggles feature more into your music?

Of course. My music has always taken on a strong narrative form and these are some incredible stories.. As heartbreaking as some of them are I think it's really important to share your story with the world to try and inspire others. It's one of the blessings of being an artist. You can always turn the worst times of your life into great things.

What was the decision behind you coming back?

A big part of my life experience over the past 24 months has been about rising above my circumstances and doing what I once thought I couldn't or what others thought I couldn't do. Music was one of those things. I was done. Like with most things in life (laughs). But coming back to making music was just another way of me throwing my middle finger up at the world with a big smile, saying 'You can't stop me, watch me go.'

You work with a few Sydney musicians, do you prefer to go local?

I do prefer working with local artists. It definitely makes the whole process of making music easier and gives you more of an opportunity to spend time with them face to face. Working with interstate or international artists often means working over the internet, which can take a bit of the gloss off the whole process.

Your latest track 'What we do it for' talks about the itch of making music, what kind of sense of fulfillment do you get from making music?

Ever since I've been a young kid, I've been obsessed with making art. Creating things from nothing and then sharing them with others and connecting with them. If I stopped making music altogether I would definitely just shift my focus to another artform. I don't think I'll ever go through a period of my life where I'm not creating and expressing. It's good for the soul. The most fulfilling part of it for me is probably not in just making it, but seeing the joy it brings to my family, friends and fans. That can not be replicated by anything.

What else are you working on now?

I'm working towards a release at the moment. I'm not entirely sure whether it will be a full length album yet or an EP. I definitely want to make a full length album so that's my aim. I've written some great songs already and just want to get the ball rolling. Get busy and share these stories with the world.

You have tracks produced by Cam Bluff who has produced for 360 and Illy, what was it like to work with him?

Cam's great. He's a real talent and a pleasure to work with. He's really receptive to the things I want to hear in a track and just seems to have a good understanding of how to build energy and deliver. I'm already working on a few more tracks with him and can't wait for people to hear them.

What stimulates your soul?

Girls, the sun, the beach, the ocean, music, running, exercise, sport, partying, passionate people, dreamers, my friends, my family, incredible landscapes, travel and good food.

Want to hear more?

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