Nerding up hip hop with Oxymorrons

Oxymorrons are double trouble, they’re brothers’ and are proudly nerding up the hip hop industry and quite frankly we’re glad they are. They’ve graced the stage with Lupe FiascoErykah BaduJanelle MonaeKe$ha, Rihannaand Neon Hitch. According to the lads, 300 the movie was allegedly based on their pre-school days.

We chat to the lads about why they have Nintendo DS’s in their pockets all the time, how they used to paint abs onto themselves during pre-school, and why Australia wins because we have meat pies. Margaret Tra writes.

Explain the reasoning behind the misspelling of Oxymorrons?

To be honest, the reason for the second ‘r’ is because there is a street punk band named "Oxymoron" from the early 90's. Adding another ‘r’ separates us from the other band for legal reasons and creatively. We do a chant at the end of each show with our audience to remind them. We scream, "Two R's!" and the audience screams, “not one!"

What would be the geekiest thing you guys have ever done?

Probably skipping out on dates to play video games in our room and work out in our adventure time onesies. Also we have our Nintendo DS's in our pockets as much as we have our cell phones (laughs).

You guys are quite quirky for a hip hop group; as brothers do you ever get into domestics? 

Not really. We actually don't fight at all. Unless you consider playing street fighter against each other fighting. 

Are you currently working on any new projects?

At the moment, we are releasing a track with a video every three weeks to lead up to a new project, "Complex but Basic." We just plan on putting out as much content as possible over the next few months to make your head explode. 

You've shared the stage with some pretty big acts, is there one in particular that taught you something?

All of the acts that we have worked with have taught us something. Whether it's Lupe showing us how to engage and interact with the crowd, or Travie explaining how to conserve our energy for each show when we're on the road long term, there is something we have taken away from every act we have had the pleasure to work with.

It says that the movie 300 was based on your pre-school days, did you guys used to paint abs on as kids too?

Yes. And drink wine before every glorious battle. This is playtime!

First thing you think about when you think about Australia?

Kangaroos and surfing. It might be f**ked up but it's true. Oh wait meat pies. Ugh. You guys win in that department. Oh yeah and Nathan our Australian homie living it up in Los Angeles. Going to bring him a Fosters next time we are in Cali (laughs).

What stimulates your soul?

Video games, comic books, sports, anime, music, documentaries, art, fashion  talking to hot girls, and Taco bell and white castle at 2am in the morning Even though it may stimulate something else (laughs).

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