Championing Princess Nyah’s inner strength

Princess Nyah is a Soul & R&B singer reigning from England, she just recently released her track ‘Champion’ which was written by Grammy winner Angela Hunte. She’s a self-obsessed quote junkie and thrives on encouraging people to be the best that you could be.  

We chat to Princess Nyah about performing in Ibiza, why she thinks you should only have a creative company if you’re 100% and what it was like working with Angela Hunte. Margaret Tra writes.

Your latest track is ‘Champion’ produced by Llama Beats and written by Angela Hunte, what was it like working with the two?

This was actually my first time working with an international song writer and producer. It was a really great trip and had me find out more about the whole process of building a record. It was also a great experience working with someone as amazing as Angela. She understands music like it is part of her DNA and it was a real eye opener to see how many records you need to write before you find that one that will take you there!

You have a few projects going on at once, singing as well as your fashion label Binghi’s Boutique, is that the key to success in the music industry today?

I think the key to success in the music industry is being the best you can be. Dedicate all of your time to your craft and work hard. I had my business Binghi's before I stepped out as a recording artist and me not being one to give up, I held on to it as tight as possible. Now I appreciate my business even more but the work load is intense, so I wouldn't advise setting up to creative companies unless you are 100% ready to commit to it. I think although it’s harder to release music in this day and age because of the downloads and stuff, it’s not impossible and if you focus all your energy into one thing you will flourish quicker!

You love quotes, if you had to pick one what would be your favourite?

I really do love a quote, they help me regain strength and focus when I'm feeling a little "I can’t do this anymore" I’m human I get those days too. My favourite at the moment is "Everything is relevant to endurance and how strong you can become, No one will ever see how much hard work and dedication goes into the consistency of believing in yourself."

Are you working on any new projects?

Always! (Laughs) In March of this year I hosted a seminar at the houses of parliament in London's Westminster, it was called "Think Like A Boss" and I presented to an audience of 100 about following your dreams but backing it up with a good education. I really want to do this on a larger scale early next year. Maybe even take it on tour around Europe!

As a British artist, what was it like working in Ibiza?

Ibiza is like one of the greatest places if you love music to visit ever. The sun the music the vibe everyone just wants to have a good time and performing there was so amazing.

Name the first thing you think of when you think Australia.

Huge Spiders, (Laughs) I have cousins in Australia and they are always telling me that the spiders in England are nothing wait until I come out there, hence the reason I have not been yet!

Who is your champion in life?

My Granddad.

What stimulates your soul?

Prayer really stimulates my soul, I find that it really helps with my relationship with our creator and centres me even when I am at my lowest.