Gravitating towards Queens MC C-Jeez

C-Jeez is an rapper straight out from Queens, New York. The MC recently dropped a mixtape dubbed ‘3rd Times the Charm’ which features some dope up lifting hip hop. While he’s just getting started in the rap scene, C-Jeez is showcasing that with a little hard work and determination anything is possible.

We chat to C-Jeez about his latest mixtape, why he’s biggest inspiration is his mirror and why he wants to make great music so that people can gravitate towards his sound. Margaret Tra writes.

You just released a Mixtape tell us about it.

This mixtape is much different from my past; I feel I've grown as a person to where it has an impact on my music. I always had a love for music growing up in a house where music is constantly playing. My father had so much music that he will play from artist like Sam Cooke to Bob Marley to Willie Nelson and he would constantly play all types of genre so I became more open to listen to anything if it's good. 

How did you first get into rapping?

I started to rap back in 2008 my brother Dolla Deem, he was always at my house writing and rapping and I thought let me write too. So I would write and let him hear what I've written and we would go back and forth spitting 16s. Then in 2009 I started to record with my high school friends who still with me now, we form a group called ‘Uhndea7ined’ which is pronounce undefined you can follow us on IG: @uhndea7ined with all the updates.  

Do you write all your songs?

Every last letter.

Who are you inspirations?

I'm inspired by many things, most of all I'm inspired by the mirror, my reflection. I look in the mirror every morning an look deep into my eyes so long where I don't even see a reflection I just see my life and all that I've been through. Other than me of course ‘mumma’ love. She still seems to amaze me, she's my heart.

Can you think of a moment where you did something and the 3rd time, things got better?

I've done a lot of things more than the 3rd time and it still haven't gotten better, and in some cases it has, I just think the important thing is to keep pushing and praying. My mum always tells me pray in secret and god will reward you openly. 

‘Anything is possible’ is a track off your mixtape, it’s a very uplifting track, tell us more about it. 

Yeah this track I feel people will love and feel good, it will get those shoulders moving. My Guy ElevatorMusik produced it one day I was at his crib, he was making the beat while I was writing the hook and it came out great one of my favourites and all my boys’ favourite track off the tape.

Are you working on any new projects? 

I'm always working on something; I'm working now on my next project. I'm always getting better every time I write. 16 a day keeps writers block away.

How is the hip hop support in Queens? 

Queens is just like any other borough in New York it's a lot of competition in everything, you’re always going to get support from your home base but for the whole borough to fu** with you, your music has to be good not no bullsh**. So that's what I'm focus on now making great music for people that like to feel good and soon people going to  gravitate to the sound I'm making. 

What stimulates your soul?

Chilling on ‘The RNP’ (Real Ni**a Porch) Listening to oldies and old school reggae with some drinks and nice food on the grill with good people around. That's love right there. 

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