Next level rhyming with Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson has been known to rap with dirty grime, but it’s fair to say he also brings out a certain heart to the game that the average rappers leave out. His ryhmes are nostolgic taking you on a journey back to the days where rapping was used to send a message. He’s been touring around Australia with our Aussie producer Katalyst and on the 9th August Sydney will bare witness to hip hop history. The two will take to the stage at The Basement and transpire what hip hop should be.  

We chat to Guilty Simpson about what we can expect from the show, how the new album is going and why his guilty pleasure is watching tennis. Margaret Tra writes.

You've already started your tour with our very own Kataylst, it's been described as grimey and gutter rapping, is that what we can expect from the Sydney show?

Most definitely that's what I do. I do add other heartfelt music in there that are very personal records, but I love grimey rhyming that's my lane.

You're working really hard here in Oz with the album, how's it going and what can we expect?

It's going great I love the way it's sounding. It's going to be next level rhyming over next level production. I look forward to it.

Has Kataylst been teaching you any Aussie lingo?

No no Aussie lingo but I'd love to learn some terms that you all use. That'll make me look cooler when I'm having a conversation out here (laughs). He did mention the proper way you all pronounce words. Like Melbourne in particular.

You're an avid supporter of J Dilla, does he still transcend into your music making?

Since I don't use any of his production anymore I wouldn't say it did as far as beats, but rhyme wise he does. I represent him with certain things I do in rhyme but it's small subtleties that not everyone would notice.

You're a big 70's and 80's R&B fan, if you could pick one song, what would be your favourite and why?

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly "We Are One," it brings back memories of when I was young and it's so much truth in the song. It calls out the ways people treat each other, could be due to race,sex,money,sexuality, etc. But in reality we are one. Great record! I'm gonna listen to it now.

You wanted to see some wildlife in Australia, manage to see any yet?

Not really. All I've seen are the beautiful birds you have over here. I have a great view of them in the trees from Katalysts' balcony. That's good enough for me. A great view while I'm creating.

You tweeted after travelling so long to get here you should just get a job here, after seeing how Aussies act and live what job do you think you would do here?

I would love to work with children. I hear in Australia that there are a lot of American Football leagues popping up. I'd love to teach the game to young people.

What would be your guilty pleasure?

Tennis. I watch men's and women's tennis. I think that game is the ultimate test of will and determination. Just you and your opponent no teammates. Unless it's doubles of course. I really enjoy it. Not a popular opinion amongst Americans that's for sure.

What stimulates your soul?

Family. I really enjoy seeing my friends and relatives together and enjoying each other's company. When I'm with them that's when I'm truly happy.

Check out the Sydney show here.

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