Feeding the Soul with MC Cutta Chase and Daryl Donald

UK MC Cutta Chase and Scottish producer Daryl Donald have linked up together to bring you J Dilla inspired music to provide you with a soulful and hip-hop feeling leaving you yearning for more. The two linked up to release their L.P “Clock Work.” While the two have never worked together before, their teamwork is seamless, and the production and beats from Scottish newcomer Daryl will make his a mark in the hip-hop industry.    

We chat to Cutta Chase and Daryl about their latest L.P, why they create music that creates images for the ears and their production processes. Margaret Tra writes.

Tell us what we can expect from Clockwork L.P?

CC: Clockwork is like a scrapbook for the soul full of feeling, meaning and plenty images for the ears.

DD: Listeners can expect chill quick fire beats and rhymes, straight to the point, we're trusting that the content is good enough to keep listeners coming back regardless of length, the LP is a collection of beats I have made over the last 5 years, so it shows growth and different styles over Cutta Chase raps.

How did you two get together?

CC: It all came down to the social networking to be honest' but everything happens for a reason in my eyes & Daryl’s beats definitely connected from the get go making it a project that 100% had to be put together.

DD: We got together through Paul at De Facto Entertainment, he pointed me in the direction of Cutta as he felt my style of production would suit Cutta Chase and I got in touch with him through social media and set something up.

Is there a particular track in the LP that stands out the most for you guys?

CC: Personally I would say Man Made Imagination.

 Cutta as a Hip-Hop & Soul artist take us through your creative process?

It all comes down to if the beat touches a nerve with me these days' if I feel the soul in the beat, it feeds my soul to unleash some treats, from there I usually light up a rocket get on notepad and take off to wherever my mind takes me.

Daryl your influences include J Dilla, what's your production process like?

My production process is to find a sample that resonates with me, majority of the times just a sound or multiple sounds, and rearrange it and put my stamp on it, using drums I feel enhance the sample.

If you both could work with anyone, who would it be?

CC: Hard question' the list goes on to be honest as my playlist is filled with everything & anything these days so for now I’ll just say anyone that isn’t making brainwashing bubblegum bullshit just to narrow it down. But if we could bring Dilla back then say no more, that’s the man right there. R.I.P

DD: If I could work with anyone it would be Bjork, I'm a huge fan and a lot of her stuff is influencing the new stuff that I'm making, her production was crazy, emotive, ethereal, something I strive to do with my beats.

What stimulates your soul?

CC: Good beats, good weed & the natural mystic in the world around me.

DD: Sincerity Stimulates My Soul (something like that).

Want to hear more?

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