Getting to know soul singer Hollie Smith

New Zealander Hollie Smith oozes with soul, the multi-platinum and gold status singer has performed across the globe showcasing her powerhouse voice. After galavanting across the world Hollie is now back and has released a brand new track ‘Lady Dee,’ which is the lead single off her upcoming album due to release next year. 

We catch up with Hollie for a quick chat about her upcoming Sydney and Melbourne shows, why she thinks the soul scene is ‘just fine’ and what we can expect from the upcoming album. Margaret Tra writes.

You just dropped 'Lady Dee' tell us about it.

The Ol' first single! I am working on a new album due for release early next year, out of the demos I did we thought this might be a good leading number. 

With Soul Fest being cancelled, how do you think the soul scene is recovering?

The soul scene here is just fine! Disappointing to miss those names in New Zealand but we have soul gigs happening all over the place so we not lacking in that department luckily. 

You've got a few gigs coming up, I heard you bring out a killer live band. Could you tell us about what we can expect?

Yeah, excited about having the band back up and running! Bringing a lot of the newer songs into the mix which is really fun. The set is a lot more energetic and I am lucky to have such amazing musicians on stage with me. 

What other projects are you working on?

I am just heads down with finishing the album! Touring and album is filling up a good 16 hours a day so will look to other projects when this is all wrapped! 

You've had the pleasure of working overseas, are there any performances that stood out to you?

Performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival last year in front of around 50,000 people which was definitely a highlight in my career. 

What stimulates your soul?

Mmmm music of course, cooking, exercise, my family, my son, my house & just a 'little bit' (lots) of wine. 


Thursday, 26th November 

Howler, Melbourne VIC 


Friday, 27th / Saturday, 28th November Queenscliffe Festival VIC Tickets: 

Sunday, 29th November 

The Basement, Sydney NSW