Bringing back smooth R&B with UK artist Mark Asari


London R&B singer Mark Asari is exactly what the R&B scene has been waiting for. His journey has seen him work with the likes of Luv Bug and Tinie Tempah & just recently with Giggs on his latest track ‘Good One.’ The track is a banger that got Giggs intrigued from the very beginning and that’s how it all came about. While he’s originally been popping up in collaborations with artists’ Mark Asari is gearing up to fly solo with an upcoming EP due to release early next year.

We chat to Mark Asari about bringing back smooth R&B, why he credits MySpace and how Tinie Tempah taught him how being humble goes a long way. Margaret Tra writes. 

You teamed up with Giggs, what was that like?

Teaming up with Giggs was cool man, you follow him for years and think he's one way but you meet him and see that he's a proper cool guy and very funny. Got a lot of love and respect for Giggs.

I read that you are what UK R&B scene needs, how does it feel to know that people are saying that?

It feels good to read that, it's great to know there’s a need for it which I agree and I definitely plan to help move the R&B scene forward.

How did your musical journey start?

I was always obsessed with music, I would always sing in private but started off producing for local artists around me in secondary school, then as I got older and more confident I started singing out more and I progressed from there. MySpace helped me a lot.

Your latest track ‘Good One’ gives listeners the good smooth R&B days we’ve been missing, how did the track come about?

The Producer Greatness Jones played me the beat at his house and I was very gassed, it made me want to buy a cigar and light it. (Laughs) I wrote to it when I got home and had my manager send it to a mutual friend of Giggs and when he heard it he called it a 'banger' and jumped on it. That’s how it all happened. 

You’ve worked alongside some pretty great artists,’ is there one artist that you took something away with?

Yeah I think working with Tinie Tempah taught me that being humble goes a long way. He is a very humble person even with all the success he has. Plus I was awarded my first ever plaque for the work I done on his ‘Discovery’ album.

What’s next for you?

I plan to release an EP early part of next year plus more music, more videos, more shows and more collaborations. My aim for next year is to grow as an artist and brand.

What stimulates your soul? 

I'd say what stimulates my soul is seeing myself as well as people around me grow and progress in whatever they're doing, that makes me happy.


‘Good One’ is out on iTunes 5th December here
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