Innovating music with Sydney producer Loudun

It’s quite unusual for us to interview an electronic producer, but when he’s brought out a killer track dubbed ‘Gold’ that fuses the R&B that we know and love, we couldn’t give up the chance. Loudun resides in Sydney, and the fact that he was influenced by Craig David, Kandi and Mis-teeq goes to show he’s a producer with a different kind of flair. 

We chat to Loudun about why he has an undying love for Mis-teeq, the first R&B song he fell in love with and about why his mistakes became part of his style. Margaret Tra writes. 

The songs that influenced you in your latest track are to be fair, die-hard old school R&B songs, what was it like growing up listening to music like that? (i.e Craig David, Kandi etc)

It was an exciting time for me, especially after having to pretend to like watered down major label grunge for so long. The beats were fresh and interesting and artists like Craig David and Kandi were bringing R&B & pop together with the underground garage that I was already so obsessed with. I spent so much time walking around the mall with my disc-man, with Mis-teeq’s ‘Lickin on Both Sides’ on heavy rotation. Everyone knows that ’Scandalous’ song, but honestly their first album is so good, some of the cuts are just like Disclosure songs - I am not exaggerating at all, buy ‘Lickin’ on both sides on Itunes now!

What was the first R&B song you listened to that you fell in love with?

I feel like it’s a bit trendy to say this at the moment, but it was definitely No Scrubs by TLC. It has everything I love to this day, strong pop melodies, R&B elements & future beats. Also everything about the video is perfection. RIP Left Eye. 

You produce music that fuses different genres, but is Electro your passion?

Electronic music is my passion, it has always allowed me to express myself in a way that I couldn’t with traditional music conventions (mostly due to a lack of traditional music convention skill). When I first started experimenting with music I tried to emulate the sounds of my R&B & pop idols, unsuccessfully, but over time the mistakes I made trying to do that became part of my style. That’s what I love most about electronic music, there really are no rules and a kid with a laptop, some ideas and way too much time can express themselves.

What was it like working with Tashka?

Tashka is one of my closest friends, and collaborating was so natural & simple, she heard the beat and knew where I wanted it to go straight away. We were so in sync creating this song and I was very blessed to work with her on it. I was also hoping that her hot body would get the straight male crowd on board.

Are you working on any  other projects?

I am currently working on a body of work for release this year, in the same vein as ‘Gold’. Although I just heard the new Drake album and am considering giving up.

What stimulates your soul?

Being exposed to new art, culture & ideas. I love technology and the future, nothing excites me more than innovation. Laughing with my friends. Being in love.