Up in the clouds with Funk/Soul band SugarBad

They say behind every good man is a great woman, but in this case, it’s a great woman backed by a bunch of cool lads. SugarBad is a Soul/Funk band and have just released an album dubbed ‘Up In The Clouds.’

We chat to SugarBad about how they got together, their upcoming tours and what its like to have a lady as the front-woman. Margaret Tra writes.  

You just released an album, as such a big band, how was the process like putting each others ideas together?  

Felt natural! When one of us writes a song, we'll bring it to rehearsal and give everyone a chance to add/create new ideas for it until it becomes a SugarBad song! I think this process of writing makes our music special.  

You guys are also doing an East coast tour for the album as well? 

We are hitting the road! We are headed to Washington DC to play the Wonderland Ballroom on Thursday, February 26th and Bourbon and Branch on Saturday , February 28th. Really looking forward to these gigs! 

Lisa how does it feel to be the front-woman with all these lads? 

It feels pretty great! I am proud to play with these talented fools. These boys are the light to my cannon! (Laughs) so corny but true . 

How did you guys get together? 

All the guys went to NYU at one point or another and met each other through school, gigs and mutual musician friends. We saw Lisa singing backup in another band and quickly decided to put her up front in our band! 

You guys have performed at a load of venues/festivals, is there one that particularly stood out for you guys? 

We played at the Dolomiti Ski Jazz festival in Italy! The views heading up the alps in the ski lift were breathtaking. It felt awesome playing for all the people skiing!

What's next for you guys? 

Tour! We are so excited to get out of town and play our music for new crowds!Check our website sugarbadmusic.com to see when we are coming to your city! 

First thought when your think of Australia? 

(Laughs) you're not gonna like this , first thought was huge spiders. Second thought was gorgeous beaches. 

What stimulates your soul? 

Stimulates, feeds, soothes, rebuilds, strengthen and softens the soul: Music.