Love letters with soul singer Thando

Image by Freddy Morales, styled by Doodad & Fandango

Thando has been singing her soulful heart out for sometime now, earlier this year she did an East Coast tour but now she is preparing to release her latest EP ‘Digital Love Letters.’ 

The strength of her vocals comes deep within the soul, and it’s no wonder that she keeps her audiences breathless. We chat to Thando about her upcoming EP, what the soul scene is like in Melbourne, and what she does to unwind before a show. Margaret Tra writes. 

You have a very soulful voice, could you tell us about how you started into getting music?

Music has always been a way to express myself, especially since I was in my teens. I've been very lucky to be able to share my diary with those who want to know more about me.

How do you find the soul scene in Melbourne?

The soul scene in Melbourne is underrated, and there are many streams of Soul that are a result of the culture here. Hiatus Kaiyote were spawned here, and blew up in Europe for their eclectic style and mix of future music, nu soul and jazz. You don't see that everyday.

You recently released WYBM tell us about that.

WYBM is my ode to finding your one true love. It explores the joys and beauty of companionship,  and declaring to the world what lengths you're willing to go to get their heart.

Are you working on any new projects I know you did a load of shows in Jan?

I just wrapped up an east coast tour in January and now I'm preparing to finish recording my EP so I can potentially take it overseas so I can share with an international audience.

Do you have a ritual before you sing?

I enjoy a glass of red wine before I hit the stage, nothing special. It's always a lot of fun getting to unwind before I bear my soul.

Favourite Australian soul singer?

Ngaiire is my ultimate favourite. Her debut album "Lamentations" was actually the biggest inspiration for my upcoming EP “Digital love letters.” I love her.

What stimulates your soul?

What stimulates my soul is music that makes me feel.