Bringing wax back into hip-hop with MC Hip Hop Maniac


MC Hip Hop Maniac has been in the hip-hop game since 93', he’s sucessfully created an Indie label and has won several MC battles before it was a cool thing to do. Instead of trying to attract a mass audience, Hip Hop Maniac is more interested in producing music for fans that will enjoy the culture and music.  Which is why Hip Hop Maniac is just about to drop an album strictly on vinyl dubbed “Humanoid Destructo.” The album promises to connect with its audience, with Side A infusing EDM with flawless lyrical content, and Side B featuring spacey jazz and veteran MCs. 

We chat to him about the importance of an Indie label, what we can expect from Humanoid Destructo and the importance of vinyl. Margaret Tra writes. 

Tell us about Miami2vegas

It's my indie label M2V right now with Ani Reader from Argentina a great electro producer slash DJ. Also we have techno house producer and DJ Steve Ra out of Detroit, Michigan he's a great remixer and also has worked with some of the producers of that Detroit sound I respect. Both artists rock shows regularly and enjoy music that's why I rock with them.

You first started in the business a long time ago when technology wasn't used much, do you think it has changed for the better?

We've had computers since I can remember in the 80’s but as far as the digital download that's a relatively new thing, I remember the first time I seen serato at a party I showed up with vinyl at and I was like how did I not know about this? Because back in 96 our studio had the mini disc cd that didn't really last long but technology changes and sometimes we go back to the things we like the turntable was a great innovation at one point in world history I enjoy the analog sound more...

Tell us about ‘Humanoid Destructo’ and what we can expect?

Well side A is filled with some electro, EDM and techno... songs like 'Force Field' and 'Massive' I try to bring some original lyrics and wordplay a long with some heavy beats I produced. ‘Massive’ actually is a diss record. I'm one of them guys that has actually won MC battles before it was a "cool" thing to do.  So when anyone tries to play me out or says I need to change my rap style in 2015 are getting dissed on wax. I'm a positive dude so some cats don't realise I'm like Linus from Peanuts with the microphone I takes it serious. Then I touch on some party vibe with "Turtle Speed Flow" which is a EDM psychedelic cadence type of song not much on the lyrics but definitely a hype song. A side finishes up with 'Bass 313' which is a song originally on DJ Steve Ra's album and was a great techno track that I flowed on. I love the fast paced music sometimes and techno is serious!

The B Side is straight hip hop starting off with the spacey jazz cut I produced called 'Stutter Step' Featuring Dot Rambo aka DotZilla me and my dude go back to the mid 90's he a veteran emcee from my hometown of Minneapolis. 'Meet Me At The Arcade' is a 80's jazzy synth sounding song about arcade games from back in the day. 'B Movies' is song I wrote a while back had a lot of fun shooting the video for this one was produced by DJ B SQRD out of Seattle she rocks yo!  'Mic Clutch' produced by Tonic Man touches on the topics of police, courts, senseless violence in the world and work ethics as well. People just have to take a listen to the entire album and enjoy the vibe on different songs you know. I recorded a total of 11 songs, only 1 skit on the vinyl and 3 bonus cuts for digital download.

Why have you chosen to release it strictly on vinyl?

In my opinion it’s a better way to reach the listeners and people who appreciate music. Digital is cool, but in all reality there isn't much there in a nonsensical way. I'd rather have a special release for fans that enjoy the culture of hip hop and music in general.

Do you remember your first ever vinyl you bought?

Growing up in a home with vinyl records, 8 track cassettes of a lot of different styles of music I always loved oldies and funk, R&B etc. So I think it was an Ohio Players record but I was spending about $400-$500 a month on wax in the early 90's so a lot of live albums, hip hop, break beats, some dance music as well.   

Who inspires you now in the music industry?

I like lyrics when it comes to hip hop so I got to say Jay Electronica, MF Doom and when it comes to electronic music I listen to a lot of Theo Parish, Flux Pavilion and Nile Rogers. He's got a lot of records I play when I'm spinning at parties still.   

How important are indie labels in today's age?

In today's market I think it's a bit trendy to have a indie label. I've been doing the independent thing for a while now getting product placement in the states and Canada some major chains and also the mum and pop circuit. Works out great with the numbers without the big budget videos and etc, and booking my own shows since the early 90's never had a manager or agent except when I was a kid in theatre school when I was doing TV commercials and movies. Having an agent as an actor is important, I always worked with other DJ's and getting shows and parties was never a problem for me. I prefer the college market, college radio is where I first when on the radio as a DJ back in 1992. That didn't last long for me but I went on to do a lot of mixtapes and original projects as well. Travelled quite a bit in the states and Canada and just looking to continue being me. 

What stimulates your soul?

I think the best thing for a person is to just be themselves and not try and be like anybody else, it's not easy but what stimulates my soul is being original!